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What America Needs

We welcome and celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama -- 44th President of the United States of America

But we still want a new political party!

How often have you heard someone say "what America needs is a new political party"?

We're betting you've heard this question asked pretty frequently. We want to be What America Needs.

We've been wondering for some years: why aren't there other political parties that can win a national election? Why is it just the Democrats and the Republicans?

The Democrats have fallen towards an extremism on the Left. The Republicans have fallen toward an extremism on the Right. Both parties have significant failings in the Center. Each polarizes the electorate around a few core issues, while failing to satisfy the needs of the average, centrist, American voter.

Most Americans are really rather conservative in their core values. They want to perpetuate their way of life. They want a strong nation with a robust economy. They want to have savings accounts that grow and pay interest. They want careers that will pay them decently for their hard work. They want good educations for their children. They want their Constitution honored by the government.

Americans don't want to pay too much tax, but they also want their government to be able to assist the unfortunate. They want the elderly and disabled to have a retirement that isn't a desperate scraping for survival in a world full of greed.

Americans want good roads and safe bridges, and they want safe cities with dependable public transportation to reduce gridlock. They want cars that take them anywhere they want to go, at any time and in any weather, but they also want to preserve their national parks, forests, and monuments.

Why aren't any of the established political parties serving the interests of the average American?

Parties of Special Interests

The Democrats are widely viewed as playing to a socialist agenda which is destined to destroy the middle class way of life by pampering the indigent while taxing the middle-class and small businesses into insolvency.

The Republicans are widely seen as playing to an agenda which decreases taxation of businesses, but which also seems to be unwilling to protect the environment, or protect the workers against unscrupulous employment practices.

Both the Democrat and the Republican Parties are seen as catering to the big-money influence of major corporate contributors to their campaign funds.

The "Green" Party and other parties and large non-governmental organizations which concentrate on Environmental issues are widely viewed as possessing a huge and curious blind-spot. While pressing for reforms which would promote less emissions, better recycling, and preservation of wildernesses and parklands, they refuse to take a stand on stabilizing population growth as a necessary precursor to environmental preservation and ecological remediation.

Neither the Democrat or Republican Party will take a stand on two of the most pressing issues of our times: Overpopulation and consequent depletion of resources, and Illegal Immigration.

The population of the United States increased by almost 15 percent from 1990 to 2000. Almost all of that unprecedented increase was due to Immigration, illegal or legal. Historically, the United States have benefitted enormously from legal immigration and from legal immigrants. However, history is history, and times have changed. When North America was first colonized by the English, the populations of the natives had been almost eliminated by the plague of smallpox brought by the Spanish in the early 1600s, and it was a vast and empty land. When the American Revolution opened North America to huge waves of colonists from all over the world, there was room for all who could come. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

We propose a reduction of the levels of Legal Immigration to the point where the net population gain is no more than two percent per decade.

We further propose to make the US rather inhospitable to persons who have no right to be here, while at the same time increasing security at our borders and ports. We will take Homeland Security very seriously indeed, and will regard it as our primary concern.

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