We Need Candidates!

Here's the Kind We Need

Here's What We Need Them To Do

One of our correspondents told us, when we asked them to take a look at this website:

It explains a lot of WHAT you folks want to do, but its a tad short on HOW you accomplish what you want.

BTW...I believe in what you are about, I just don't see how how you can accomplish it with the powers-that-be so entrenched in our society.

Part of the entrenchment is that the American People -- who desperately want something different than they've been seeing over the last 5 or so years -- have only been presented with false choices in the last several elections.

Remember "Alice in Wonderland", and Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Each of them would stand there and tell you that they were entirely separate from each other and entirely different from each other, despite the fact that they were identical twins, differing only in what sort of hat they were wearing. That's the problem we've got in American politics these days, 99-percent of the positions and intended policies -- and political backing behind the scenes -- are the same, and what differs generally is something that only matters much to extremists.

What Radical Centrism wants to do is to help promote candidates who are "dark horse" candidates, not in the sense that they're evil or wicked or anything, but in the sense that they're all about offering something different, something radical, something that the Powers-That-Be aren't interested in funding, because it's to the disadvantage of the Powers-That-Be, and to the advantage of the People.

If I were to say "now there's a politician that I admire", I'd have to take a deep breath to control my shuddering, and point to Newt Gingrich back in the days of the Contract With America. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that he was extremely radical in his day, and that he was a prime mover in the astonishing Republican upset and general throwing-out of the old bastards and replacement with new bastards in 1994, which was the base and core of the political sea-change which paved the way for the boom of the second term of the Clinton Administration. People also forget that Clinton's acceptance of and ofttimes cooperation with the new reality greatly contributed to that boom. But the Old Guard of Fat-Cat Republicans saw the threat and were finally able to oust Gingrich and crush the Radical Center Republicans, and to later co-opt them. It's the former Reaganite/Bush-1-ite core which created the astonishing deficits of the Reagan years and also the current deficits, and it was the Gingrich Radical Center Republicans who ended Welfare-as-we-knew-it and turned an appalling deficit into an amazing surplus.

First, we need tax reform. We don't need to cut spending, in many places we need to vastly increase spending, especially on Homeland Security and Disaster Preparedness, and on significant Educational Reform. We need to aggressively tax businesses which have made an industry out of tax-dodging, while still promoting small businesses. More importantly, where taxes are owed under the present system and the businesses are capable of paying, we need to collect those taxes. We don't need the IRS hounding the suffering lower-middle-class for pittances, we need to rip the tax-dodges right out from under the filthy-rich. We need candidates who will come right out and say that the Bush tax cuts are INSANE in such a climate of unrestrained spending.

We need candidates who are in favor of increased Foreign Aid spending, and who will vote only for Foreign Aid spending which includes both education about, and access to, contraceptives, especially for the poorest nations and those with the highest levels of HIV and related illnesses. Also, Foreign Aid shouldn't consist of buying computers for places that don't have the electrical-generation or communications infrastructure, and Foreign Aid shouldn't consist of making sure that those computers we provide only run software that further enriches one of the richest corporations and individuals on earth... while realizing that significant funding for exactly our goals is already coming from a foundation created by that individual and corporation. Let them get rich off of sales to the US business community who can afford their products. But let's donate open-source operating systems and free software to the impoverished nations when we give them computers, or we've otherwise just given them a white-elephant that they can't afford to support.

We need candidates who will come right out and say "we've already got enough people here in the USA, and we've got to close the borders to all illegal entries, and vastly reduce the numbers admitted legally to the States".

We need candidates who love forests and fields more than they love runaway Sprawl and contributions from greedy developers.

More than anything, we need the People to hear messages to which they can give their unqualified support; we need candidates who have no problem maintaining their personal self-esteem and sense of dignity speaking truthfully about what they think are problems and solutions. We don't want sycophants screeching this week's party-line spin; we want honest plain folks who will say they can't understand the madness and who will say what they think is right, and having said what they think is right, shall act upon it when elected to do so.

Silly season is upon us once again, and rather than get caught up following the clarion call of a divism that's really just a shadow show, we want to bring people's attention not to the shadows, but to the sources of light. We don't want divism, we want unity. We want only to give the people positive choices for candidates they relate to, rather than a choice between lesser evils that don't much rise above the level of a potential chimp-in-charge on the one hand or dishonest waffling bozo on the other.

When we've got honest people in office who are honestly interested in doing the work of the people for the people, all of the details will sort themselves out. In the meantime, we just try to promote the general idea that we need alternatives, because the traditional stuff just isn't working.

Basically, this needs to be a grass-roots revolution starting at the lowest levels of the ballot box. Go run for dog-catcher, if that's what it takes to get your feet moving down the path.