Civility in a Civil Society

I am a Civil Society fanatic. I believe that Civility is an absolute prerequisite to any Civilization that hopes to advance. I believe that Civility as a concept is almost dead in the US. It's not taught in schools, it's scarcely taught in the homes and then is often taught only as a mere side-effect of religious instruction. Civility, along with concepts of Justice, should be the subject of compulsory universal instruction, delivered in non-religious context. Citizenship will, I believe, thereby be improved.

In any case, I call for more and better schooling, particularly in the hard arts and sciences; a complete end to the practice of "social promotion" in schools; heavy attention should be given to competence in English, along with emphasis on comprehension, dialogue, and classical logic and rhetoric. Any democracy, to be a success, is utterly dependent upon votes cast by a well-educated and thoughtful citizenry capable of critical thought resolving complex issues, from whom very little information would be withheld. I believe that the US Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, is and should be the law of the land and I believe that the intent as well as the letter of that Law is something with which more citizens should be better acquainted. I call for much greater participation by the citizen in their own governance.