Justice, Law, and Social Policy

Drug Policy

I am very much for Law, and for Order, but I think that the War on Drugs is not only long-since lost, but was from the beginning an entirely flawed concept. All that the War on Drugs has accomplished is a boom in the prison-construction industry, and the enrichment of transnational druglords and their criminal combines, and corruption of politicians and law-enforcement professionals.

We must instead turn our attentions to discovering why people are taking drugs, and remove those reasons where this is desirable, and teach them how to cope with their addictions where the fault lies with the abuser.

If people are taking dope because they're dopes, that's one thing and there's little to be done about that, other than to do our best as a nation to see that nobody grows up to be a dope. See my remarks on Education and Civility. Ponder also that a universally well-educated and thoughful citizenry should have no problem either eliminating poverty as we know it, or their Civility should enable them to face their poverty with some gentility, while working for a way out of it. I believe that the US as a nation has all of the resources needed to eliminate poverty in any case. We must start by making sure that there is no hungry child anywhere in this country -- a well-fed child can be attentive in school. We must continue by assuring that any child who is capable of learning is indeed educated to the best degree practicable. We must finish by maintaining a robust economy, so that all of these healthy well-educated young adults we produce can lead valued and productive lives with careers that enrich not only them but everyone around them. In a land of plenty, who needs to do drugs, or to sell them? And in a land of plenty, if people really want to do drugs, take the bars off of most of the prisons, stick cheap cots in them, and let the fools move in and dream their lives away on the public tab, it'll cost less in terms of lives, disruptions, cycles of despair and poverty -- and probably in raw dollars -- than does the present unworkable and failing system.

Malice and Violence and Self-Defense

Malicious Violence is not tolerable in a society which wishes to be considered civilized. When police are less concerned with wasting time in a fruitless effort to combat the use of recreational-chemical contraband, they can be more concerned with preventing violence or pursuing the perpetrators of malicious violence.

We make a distinction between malicious violence, that which is motivated by a criminal intent, and reckless endangerment, which is the result of foolishness. We further distinguish between these two forms of violence, and the violence of self-defense from violence. We affirm the right of any law-abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. We support State laws which declare that a permit to carry concealed weapons shall issue to legally qualified applicants.

We deny that there is any legal duty to retreat -- or to flee to safety -- in the face of violence or confrontation, for any person who is anyplace they have a legal right to be. We affirm the right of any law-abiding citizen to use whatever force is necessary to reasonably defend their family, home, life, and possessions. We affirm the right of citizens to work with and assist, and to be worked with and assisted by, duly-authorized law-enforcement agencies at all levels of government.