Humanism and Medicine

I'm a Humanist. We don't need profit-driven corporations holding the medical community hostage and preventing delivery of the best possible care to the citizenry. However, we also don't need the insane upward spiral of costs seen under the former purely fee-for-service system.

I call for an expansion of basic health research under the various national institutes, with the ultimate goal being nothing less than the complete elimination of disease and all medical services other than research, remediation, and trauma-management/rehabilitation. We don't need more hospitals, what we need are more clinics where effective hightech solutions fix problems inexpensively and finally. We don't need networks of organ-donor finders, we need a large number of well-regulated mom-and-pop organ shops where there are vats of healthy perfect organs grown against eventual need. We don't need a huge industry selling eyeglasses, we need neighborhood clinics where you walk in half blind and walk out with 20/20 vision. We don't need vast pharmacological combines selling a pill for every complaint through a vast network of distributors and retailers, we need the ability to work on the body at the deepest levels of biochemistry, and make the problem go away. And if the government enables this at taxpayer expense, let's just say that since it's already paid for, access to effective and longlasting medicine should be as close to free as can be arranged.

Other Radical Center and Centrist/Radical visions for the future of the American Healthcare Systems may be found at the very well developed site of the Center for Health Transformation. This was founded by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a Radical Center visionary if ever there was one. However, neither Mr Gingrich or the Center for Health Transformation are in any way affiliated with our Party, but we certainly admire some of their ideas.