Planned Parenthood and Population Stabilization

By any reasonable standard, this planet is overpopulated. The Oceans are at risk. Our world's air is increasingly polluted. As India and China -- this world's two most populous nations -- leap into the modern lifestyles, each will add as much pollution to the air as does the USA, by about 2025. China alone may have four times as many automobiles as we do on their roads by 2025. That will increase depletion of dwindling energy resources, and India also is rapidly modernizing. Already there is a permanent "brown cloud" threatening health over most of India and the surrounding areas.

The world's population can't be controlled by the USA. We can, however, control our own. Starting in the 1970s, Americans -- on average -- began to reduce their rate of reproduction to the point where the population would have stabilized and begun a slight decline through the twenty-first century. The introduction of the birth-control pill was essential in accomplishing this reduction in population growth. Also, abortion -- however morally repugnant in many instances -- contributed to this voluntary effort at population stabilization. We absolutely support a woman's right to control her own reproduction and would not tolerate any attempts to prevent women's access to any birth-control technology or procedure.