Radical Center Politics

Our Goals and Approaches

We are environmentally friendly yet we believe in border security and the deportation of illegal aliens. We hope to stabilize the population and preserve our fields, woodlands, and parks.

We support restoring the American economy in a way that puts people to work in tolerable conditions for reasonable pay. We support expanded research into the sciences and a rebuilding of our educational system, to restore this nation to unquestioned pre-eminence in research, development, manufacturing and marketing.

We must rein in our population growth -- almost all of which is due to immigration (legal and illegal) -- and move away from an unsustainable economic model which depends on unrestrained growth. We believe that there's plenty of money to be made and plenty of jobs to be had in rebuilding our aging infrastructure and revitalizing our cities.

We want and need trade with other nations, but not at the cost of exporting entire industries while going into unsupportable deficit spending financed by selling US government debt bonds to our biggest economic competitors such as the People's Republic of China.

We don't subscribe to the tax-and-spend idiocy of Clintonista Democrats, and we don't subscribe to the spend-insanely-while-slashing-taxes policies of the George W. Bush Administration. We subscribe to a policy of fiscal conservatism characterized by square dealing and elimination of the national deficit, and a policy of social liberalism characterized by the credo "Liberty and Justice, for All". In particular, we want to see Justice visited on all of those who hate our American ways of tolerance, honesty, and openness.

Our allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States, and the American People, not to foreign influence, unscrupulous employers of illegal aliens, or the transnational corporations who owe allegiance to nothing other than the next quarterly profit statement.

We believe in the American Legacy: our Founding Fathers birthed a great nation and passed that legacy to our forebears, and they gave us the American Century and have handed on that Legacy of Greatness to the present generation. The Radical Center Party seeks to preserve and expand the American Legacy of Greatness and Leadership so that our descendants will revere us for wisdom and achievement rather than curse us for waste and corruption.

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